Prayer for the Minnesota House of Representatives

O God of wisdom, your light blesses creation throughout this land of sky-tinted waters. As our elected representatives gather to conduct the people’s business of this day, bring to our imaginations every sacred part and person of this state—north to south, east to west, metro and greater Minnesota—all illumined by your light. Let the North Star of truth be revealed in the work of these leaders and their staff today.

As we seek your blessing, stir the conscience of our representatives with the weighty responsibility of their elected calling. Keep them humble when tempted to forsake their oath of service to all, and pursue personal or partisan ambitions instead. Grant them freedom from those concerns of campaigns and contributions that curve the mind to favor some and forsake others. Lay on their hearts the stories of those who are least able to lobby and most in need of just care. Lead them to imagine creative alternatives in situations where your servants feel they must settle for the least common denominator rather than rising to a greater good.

O Source of Light, when day fades to night send all your people to rest in the reassurance that hard work done well gladdens your Spirit and extends your compassion. Repair what imperfections remain at day’s end, until that daybreak when all your people and all this beautiful creation gathers in your everlasting Light. Amen.

Delivered to open the afternoon session of the Minnesota House of Representatives on Monday, January 23rd, 2023 (the thirteenth anniversary of my ordination).

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