Healing Creation

Edina Morningside Community Church
Today’s scripture reading: Acts 3:1-10 Sermon audio:

I heard an interview this week with a farmer in rural Minnesota, describing how the work stoppage at pork-processing plants is creating chaos in her farm practices. Because there is no working plant to process her pork, she can’t sell the pigs she has on hand. She could maintain her current stock until conditions change, but like other farmers she’s contracted to receive thousands more baby piglets this spring. When they arrive, there will be no space to put them in, and because sales have nearly halted, there will no money for the months of food necessary to grow them into adult hogs. The only recourse that she hinted at was euthanasia. Indeed, MinnPost reported this week that “COVID-19-related plant shutdowns could force hog farmers to kill and dispose of 200,000 pigs.”

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