Psalms 27-32

Good morning! Today’s passage (Psalms 27-32) contains a number of psalms that proclaim confidence in God’s deliverance, even in the most challenging times. God hears and responds to cries for help, and the best that humans can do in response is offer our gratitude.

Among these psalms, number 29 is most notable. It describes the power of God’s voice in the midst of a Middle Eastern storm. Here the psalmist tries to give tangible evidence of God’s action in the world, through God’s powerful voice. This psalm is notable for its natural imagery and its descriptions of the universe as subject to God’s voice. I can hear the thunderstorm now, see the lightning flash, and hear the crack of mighty cedars broken. All these show the majesty and power of God in creation. I can see the psalmist as a writer who has a transcendent experience of God in nature, and seeks to convey divine power to others through such a witness and testimony.

Beyond that psalm, I find nothing of special note through the rest of this passage. I have no doubt though that you’ll see something I’ve overlooked, and I’m eager to read your reactions. Happy reading!

Read Psalms 27-32.

Please join discussion of this passage at the Daily Bible Facebook group, or comment below. The passage for tomorrow is Psalms 33-36. Thanks for reading!

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