1 Chronicles 8-9

Good morning! Today’s reading of 1 Chronicles 8-9 gets us through more of the “flyover country” in the middle of the Hebrew Scriptures. Again we have a list of tribal descendants, this time from Benjamin on down, including Saul and Jonathan. Chapter 9 sounds at first like it lists the people who returned to Judah after the exile, the “first to live again in their possessions”. But it also catalogues the Levites who did this or that for the tabernacle, in the time of David before there ever was a temple. The portion of this chapter describing the various areas of tabernacle service is slightly more interesting that genealogical lists, because it helps us appreciate all that went into tabernacle and temple service: gatekeepers, utensil monitors, bakers, and singers, to name a few. Happy reading!

Read 1 Chronicles 8-9.

Please join discussion of this passage at the Daily Bible Facebook group, or comment below. The passage for tomorrow is 1 Chronicles 10-12. Thanks for reading!

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