1 Chronicles 3-5

Good morning! Today in 1 Chronicles 3-5 we continue with genealogical lists, grouped according to the tribes of Israel. In chapter 3, we’re already up to David, Solomon, and their further descendants. You’ll recognize here the names of those who ruled as kings of Judah, as well as all their siblings. Many saints and sinners comprise these lists, but the names are passed over without comment for now. This same thorough cataloging of ancestors continues in chapters 4 and 5 with the descendants of Judah, Simeon, Reuben, Gad, and the half-tribe of Manasseh. Some years ago, the “Prayer of Jabez” was common in certain Christian circles, a righteous example of praying for prosperity that could be emulated. This is proof that even in genealogical lists, there is occasional gold to be discovered or contrived. Happy reading!

Read 1 Chronicles 3-5.

Please join discussion of this passage at the Daily Bible Facebook group, or comment below. The passage for tomorrow is 1 Chronicles 6-7. Thanks for reading!

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