Introduction to Daily Bible

Welcome to Daily Bible, my effort to share insights while reading the Bible from cover to cover in the course of a year. I hope you’ll find my introductory comments helpful enough to inspire your own reading. You don’t have to start at the beginning–jump in wherever you like, and we can be a reading community together. I appreciate the connections you notice and share in the comments below. I also welcome your challenges and critiques, to which I will add my own. The ancient texts we read now are not infallible–only God is God. However, the Bible does record human efforts to describe God’s activity through the centuries. God still speaks today through the Bible, which becomes (holy) Scripture as readers like us find in its pages God’s wisdom for our own time.

Each day’s reading will usually be between two and four chapters (selected to best keep stories and themes intact), working our way through the classic Protestant ordering of the texts. I use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible and when possible I’ll post the reading below my introductory comments. (Until I have that copyright permission, I’ll post a link to where the texts are found elsewhere online.) Feel free to also/instead use your own favorite print Bible or online translation. This conversation grows richer through multiple voices and translations. May God add understanding to our reading and sharing of this Word!

Tomorrow’s reading: Genesis 1-4

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