Luke 9-10

Good morning! In today’s passage (Luke 9-10), we explore a characteristically Lukan vein of Scripture, namely the real-world applications of a discipleship way of living. Here Jesus equips and sends forth two sets of twelve and seventy disciples respectively, demonstrating in his instructions to them what his highest priorities will be for the Christian life. God calls disciples to ministries of compassion and liberation. It’s for these reasons that Jesus does the other main thing found in today’s reading—he sets his face toward Jerusalem, which is where we’ll find him for the next ten chapters.

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Luke 1

Good morning! We’re in one of my all-time sweet spots in the Bible today, having just finished Mark and now starting Luke. These are my two favorite gospels, for differing reasons. We’ve discussed the power and immediacy of ministry with Jesus in Mark, so let’s turn our attention to Luke’s main themes. This is the last of the three “synoptic” gospels (meaning they look at the Jesus story through quite similar eyes). Like other gospels, Luke lifts up recognizable themes throughout this narrative. His favorite emphases include angels, overlooked people (like women and the poor), and the Holy Spirit. We’ll see all these traits even today, just in Luke 1. Finally, Luke writes this gospel as the first of a two-volume set, sometimes called “Luke-Acts”. Today we start the book of Jesus’ life, then Acts will later tell us about the life of the early church started in Jesus’ name.

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